Are care homes withholding their residents’ NHS care contributions?

22 November, 2016

In July 2016 the Government announced that the Registered Nursing Care Contribution (“RNCC”) would be increasing by £44 per week rising from £112 to £156. The RNCC is a weekly contribution made by the NHS towards the costs of a place in a care home which requires an element of nursing care.  The increased rate was backdated to 1 April 2016.

If you provide assistance to a relative who is in a care home then it is worth checking with the home whether the RNCC is being claimed. The care home should assess their residents each year and apply for the contribution when the resident’s nursing needs reach an appropriate level. The RNCC should then help to reduce your relative’s care fees each week.

Since the announcement regarding the increase in the RNCC it has come to light that some care home organisations have decided not to pass on the benefit of the refund for the period between 1 April and 1 August (as much as £572) and the ongoing increase to their residents.

If you are assisting a relative in care who is receiving the RNCC then we suggest that you contact the care home to check that they received the refund for the backdated RNCC and that they have passed the benefit of this refund to your relative by deducting it from their fees. You should also check that the weekly RNCC deduction from your relative’s care fees has increased to £156 per week as opposed to the pre-August deduction of £112 per week. If the care home has not passed on the benefit then you should challenge this decision and demand an explanation.

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