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Embracing change in a training contract

29 Oct, 2020
While this year has involved more change than most, the ability to embrace change and to be flexible is a skill that trainees have always required during their training contract...
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Time management - top tips from a legal apprentice

12 Oct, 2020
This week the trainee solicitor blog caught up with Charlie Spendley, paralegal apprentice, who tells us her top time management tips. Time management is something that many of us...
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Will the office ever be the same again?

5 Oct, 2020
On 22 September 2020 Boris Johnson ‘once again [asked] office workers to work from home if they can’ and so again we see many people returning to their home offices for the...
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Dealing with Uncertainty

29 Sep, 2020
Everybody has been knocked off balance by recent events. We have had to confront an unprecedented situation, adjust to new ways of working and find solutions to problems we’ve...
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Training during the Covid era – is it remotely possible?

10 Sep, 2020
When the first three week lockdown was announced in March, it was hard to imagine that many of us would still be working remotely six months later. As a trainee solicitor, being...
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Legal apprenticeships: off-the-job training

3 Mar, 2020
This week the trainee solicitor blog caught up with Kiran Kajendran, paralegal apprentice, to find out about the BPP study day. I am a second year paralegal apprentice and it is a...
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Cripps Pemberton Greenish – the Best of Both Worlds

12 Feb, 2020
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish
In December 2018, Cripps and Pemberton Greenish successfully merged, creating a major mid-market practice. First year trainees Rachel Phillips (who applied to legacy firm Cripps...
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5 misconceptions about being a Trainee Solicitor

6 Feb, 2020
You may feel apprehensive ahead of starting (or choosing to apply for) a training contract; it’s easy to listen to rumours about what the trainee experience is like and let them...
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Top tips on applying for a training contract

31 Jan, 2020
Training contract applications can be daunting so here are my five top tips to help with the application process: Work out what you want The first stage is to work out what you...
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A day in the life of a Paralegal Apprentice

10 Jan, 2020
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish
This week the trainee solicitor blog caught up with Lauren Manwaring, second year paralegal apprentice, who talks us through a typical day. No day at Cripps Pemberton Greenish is...
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'Your Fault' to 'No Fault' Divorce: A Trainee's Insight

18 Dec, 2019
  I expected my first few months sitting with the Family Team to be filled with high pace, high stress contention and negotiation. Whilst there have been episodes of...
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A Trainee's Christmas List: What to ask for from a Training Contract

6 Dec, 2019
Christmas will soon be upon us and, with this in mind, I have come up with a ‘wish list’ prospective trainee solicitors might have in mind when looking for a training contract...
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Two weeks in the life of a Vacation Scheme Student

29 Nov, 2019
Earlier in the summer, Cripps Pemberton Greenish played host to 6 vacation scheme students. They all spent 2 weeks in the firm. Their time here included 3 ‘mini-seats’ in...
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From Teacher to Trainee Solicitor: A Career Change

25 Nov, 2019
Prior to starting law school, I was an English teacher in a secondary school as part of the Teach First programme. Teach First is a two year leadership development programme. The...
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Turning down university for an apprenticeship

19 Nov, 2019
This week the trainee solicitor blog team caught up with Rosie Harvey, second year paralegal apprentice, who explains why she chose an apprenticeship over university. Nursery...
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The Importance Of Keeping An Open Mind

8 Nov, 2019
The majority of lawyers decide to pursue a career in law very early on in their education. A-levels are carefully chosen in order to study law at university. Shortly into the...
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A day in the life of a Trainee in the Corporate Department….

29 Oct, 2019
My day starts around 8.30 when I catch up on emails and check with fee earners for any updates on matters which I am assisting with.  My first piece of work for the day is to...
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Thank you, next

5 Sep, 2019
  I am sure many of you are relieved to get through the latest round of training contract applications. It is not an easy time of year and while some of you may be in the...
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Work: Wellness: WELLbeing

8 Jul, 2019
  Today, it would not take much to convince most of us that work, work, work, work, work, work is bad for our wellbeing. Balancing the demands of our personal, professional...
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Money for Nothing or a Waste of Time? How will the Government’s Waste Proposals impact Food and Drink Business?

20 Jun, 2019
This week the trainee solicitor blog team caught up with commercial dispute solicitor Tom Bourne. In his article, Tom looks at the government’s “Our Waste, Our Resources, A...
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