Guidance for employers

Disciplinary issues surrounding Covid-19

Before deciding on any disciplinary measures, it is essential to ensure that employers are aware...
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Hybrid working: How to maintain data security

Remote working is not a new concept. Over recent decades there has been a marked increase in the number of employees using...
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The importance of getting the redundancy process right

Many companies are now turning their attention to thinking about not only the survival but also the regeneration of their...
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Can employers insist employees are vaccinated?

With the Covid-19 vaccine now being rolled out across the UK, employers may be asking whether they can ask employees...
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Employment law

While businesses may be busy tackling issues caused by Covid-19, they also need to consider the implications of the end of...
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The impact of Brexit on your workforce

Seven practical steps to help you prepare for upcoming changes to immigration rules...
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Keeping your workforce safe

Health and Safety Post-Covid 19

Whilst the normality of working life remains seemingly distant, the need for employers to prepare for life during and after..
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Guidance for employers on testing their workforce for COVID-19

As workforces begin returning to offices, schools, shops and construction sites, employers are turning their attention to...
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Absence from work and pay

The Coronavirus situation may lead to workplace absences for a variety of reasons.  Read our summary of legal rights to...
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Returning to work

Tips for successful homeworking

It is key during this uncertain time that businesses continue to operate as normally as possible.
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Preparing a return to work strategy post lockdown

With most and possibly all of their workforce having been confined to the safety of their homes we take a look at what...
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Returning to work after lockdown

The Government has published a range of measures and recommendations to support employers re-opening their workplaces...
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How to get through getting back to work: tips and guidance for HR professionals

This webinar focuses on issues that employers are likely to face now that we are entering the recovery phase of the COVID-19.
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Many employers have questions about returning to work.  Our employment team answer common questions including: ‘Do we need...
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