Rethinking your premises

Changes to planning law

The Government announced that it will soon be bring in to force legislation to provide that development which has already...
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The use of modern construction methods in a post Covid environment

At a time when speed is vital, reorganising and reducing your office space can feel a frustratingly slow process. If you...
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Repurposing retail space

COVID-19 has changed the way we work quicker than we ever could have predicted, forcing us out of city centres and offices...
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Issues for landlords

Covid-19 and the recovery of rent arrears: what options do landlords have left?

Update 25 March 2021: As expected, the Government has announced that the current restrictions on landlords will be extended from 31...
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Consequences for Landlords

With COVID-19 impacting on every aspect of the UK economy, we consider the potential issues for commercial landlords and...
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Building contracts

The effects of the pandemic on construction projects put us in an unprecedented situation, so whilst we summarise below...
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Re-opening premises

Reopening of retail: the impact on requests for rent suspension

For retail and commercial tenants that remain affected by the pandemic, it will be more difficult (but not impossible) to...
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Webinar - Getting back to the office - what is the end game?

Offices are not redundant but some are facing an identity crisis. On Thursday 30 July, Sector Head for Occupiers, Oliver...
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