What does the Brexit deal mean for business?

By Olivier Morel

The dawn of 2021 has brought with it the agreement by the UK and the EU of the terms of their future trading relationship.  It’s early days yet,  but it was always unlikely that the arrangements, which are the culmination of 4 years long “divorce” proceedings with the outcome still uncertain days before their implementation, would result in a smooth transition in all areas.  And the effects of the Coronavirus on global business is adding a further dimension to the picture at the moment. It might also be expected that the finer details and practical implementation of current arrangements in some areas will be tweaked and adjusted as the EU and the UK adapt to the new set-up. As the dust settles, we will begin to see in more detail what this means in reality for UK businesses trading with Europe and the rest of the world, and for overseas investment in the UK.

For now, we look at what has been agreed, and where this leaves businesses in the key areas such as trade in goods and provision of services. 

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Legislative process and final sign-off

Whilst the terms of the deal are “agreed” they still need to be ratified by the EU. Is it possible that this won’t happen?
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How is the deal structured?

We look at what’s in and what’s out of the deal - from the commitment to tariff free trade to the measures on services.
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Rules of Origin

The Free Trade Agreement provides that there will be no tariffs or quotas on goods originating in the UK or the EU.  However, goods...
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Trade with Northern Ireland

Trade with Northern Ireland, from and to the UK and the EU, is dealt with under the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland agreed as...
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What to expect at the borders

Whilst the deal has sought to eliminate tariffs and quotas on most products, this will not mean “frictionless” trade. Dispatches...
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Supplying cross-border services

There is no longer free movement of persons, free provision of services or freedom of establishment for businesses between the EU and...
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The impact of Brexit on Data Protection law

From a data protection point of view, the deal allows the continued free-flow of personal data for up to 6 months from 1 Jan
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The impact of Brexit on your workforce

There are key immigration changes which have come into place, and in this article we set out some practical steps you can...
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