Cripps Pemberton Greenish comments on the Government’s customs union paper

31 August, 2017
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

Corporate partner, Salim Somjee, appeared on KMTV recently to discuss the Government’s paper on the customs union, “Future Customs Arrangements – a future partnership paper”.  


Forming part of the Article 50 and negotiations with the EU collection it is the first in a series of papers setting out how the UK and the EU can create a new partnership with regard to international trade. 


The paper highlights the UK’s strong current position and details how this can be built on through two broad approaches.  It also proposes a bespoke, temporary deal with the EU for an interim period after Brexit to enable  UK goods to pass easily across the border. 


Answering a number of questions about the paper, and particularly how the proposals could affect Kent, Salim commented: “What’s good about the paper is it is recognising we don’t have enough time before 2019 to negotiate a permanent deal, so it proposes transitional arrangements which is hugely important for Kent.  Ultimately we have to find a way to make a deal happen but we need to remember when we leave the partnership we will become a significant export area for the EU, so it is in everyone’s interests to try and make it work”.


You can view the full interview here.