We understand the need to make sure your money works for you. With a seemingly endless range of investment opportunities available, we can help you cut through the jargon and understand what is really being offered, so  that you can take an informed view of the risk.


We regularly advise on:


  • a wide range of different investment opportunities including alternative investment fund structures, equity and debt opportunities
  • tax and regulatory issues relating to your investments
  • raising funds by way of debt and equity
  • operating investment structures
  • governance surrounding investor participation
  • reorganisations and exits whether by way of sale, listing, buyout or winding up


We understand the need to provide joined up advice. Our corporate and private wealth experts work closely together to ensure that any investments compliment your long term goals and those of your family. We can help you decide whether to invest in your own name, through a trust or through a holding vehicle so that returns are received in the most efficient way and risks, wherever possible, are ring-fenced.


For more information on alternative investment funds see here.