Employee share incentives

Incentivising employees through shares or share options in your company has long been considered an effective tool for attracting and retaining staff.  


Share incentives can provide a very tax efficient mechanism to deliver value to key managers, or can be rolled out to all employees to foster engagement and loyalty through providing a ‘stake in the business’.


Our team are experienced at advising on suitable share incentives to meet your commercial objectives, including tax-approved schemes such as EMI, CSOP and SAYE and  bespoke incentives such as unapproved options, joint share ownership plans and growth share schemes.


We can advise where your business is expanding to the UK and you need to understand the tax impact of a non-UK scheme, or, for a UK business, if you are sending an employee with share incentives to another jurisdiction.


Employee Benefit Trusts (EBT) are often used in tandem with share schemes to hold shares or to provide an internal market for shares in private companies.   We can advise on the effectiveness and tax implications for your business of using an EBT as part of your incentives programme.


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