Charity Trustees – the importance of good governance

3 March, 2016

In 2015 charities hit the news for the wrong reasons. Poppy seller Olive Cooke committed suicide amid allegations that leading charities had pressurized her to donate  using aggressive fundraising tactics, and financial mismanagement at the charity Kids Company was widely publicised.  This media attention has shone a light on the need for charity trustees to recognize they are ultimately responsible for the decisions and activities of the charity in which they are involved. 


To achieve their charity’s aims trustees must ensure that public confidence is maintained and protect their organization’s reputation.  People who become charity trustees often do so as they wish to commit their time and energy to supporting a good cause, but the responsibilities that come with the role of trustee are not always considered fully.  Cases in the media which highlight trustees’ duties and responsibilities can concern trustees who are working hard to support their charity’s aims.  The role of a charity trustee is a rewarding and vital one but It is important that trustees understand what is required of them and take advice where necessary.


If you are a charity trustee and would like any advice on this role, or would be interested in the trustee training we offer, please contact the head of our charities team Kate Arnold