Civil partnership lawyers in Kent

If you are think about entering into a civil partnership, or you are in one which has broken down, our civil partnership lawyers in Kent have the knowledge and experience to help you. 


When considering a civil partnership it would be wise to take advice first to understand how your legal position will change, in relation to your property and other assets, your pension and your tax status. The civil partnership solicitors at Cripps Pemberton Greenish are established, acknowledged family law experts we are well placed to provide specialist legal advice and support to civil partners. 

Forming a civil partnership

Before entering into the partnership you could both sign a ‘pre-registration agreement’, which is equivalent to a prenuptial agreement in marriage. Such an agreement is particularly important if you wish to protect substantial assets that you bring into the partnership, or which you are likely to acquire during its course (by inheritance, for example). 

Breakdown of a civil partnership

If your relationship breaks down, the rules are similar to those that govern divorce. The partnership needs to be formally dissolved. During the process our civil partnership solicitors in Kent will advise on how your capital and pensions should be divided and whether either of you has a maintenance claim. We can also deal with disputes in relation to any children of the family. 


As established and acknowledged civil partnership lawyers in Kent we are well placed to provide specialist legal advice and support to civil partners. 

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