The potential impact on the leisure & hospitality sector

Following the latest government guidance around coronavirus, businesses are considering what they can do to mitigate its impact and maintain consistency.

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Coronavirus is having and will continue to have a huge impact on the retail, leisure and hospitality sector. It is likely that the UK will follow the lead from its French, Irish and American counterparts and force closures of non-essential shops, pubs, hotels, gyms and the like.

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Along with the travel and tourism industry, the restaurant and bar trade may be one of the industries most gravely affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus in the UK. Whilst bars and restaurants remain able to open at the time of writing (17 March), the situation is changing.

This is likely to be a challenging time for the foreseeable future, but we highlight some things for restaurant and bar operators to consider to help keep their heads above water in these turbulent times.

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The travel industry is being rocked by the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). Businesses and consumers are cancelling international travel, conferences and events are being postponed and hotels are seeing bookings decline by up to 50% compared with last year.


A key question for travel providers is whether they can cancel contracts as a result of the coronavirus?  The answer will often depend on whether the contract is for a package holiday which is covered by the Package Travel Regulations (PTRs).

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