Cripps Pemberton Greenish release hybrid working guide for employees

30 November, 2021
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

Leading law firm Cripps Pemberton Greenish has delivered a guide designed to help employees achieve the right blend of home and office working. As more people across the country return to office or on-site environments there is uncertainty around expectations and in some cases an expectation to return five days a week. The firm has taken a decision to formally embed a hybrid working culture, enabling their people to split their working week between the office and home working.   

Craig McMurrough, chief people officer commented: “In a survey of our people last autumn, 90% of our people highlighted they wanted to maintain the flexibility around working from home and the office. What became clear is the first step to supporting and integrating our people while serving clients is to embed hybrid working. Ultimately we expect to see time spent in the office being used differently, with more emphasis on training, supervision, collaboration and innovation, and those tasks that require individual focus being done at home.”

The new London office, which opened earlier this year, was designed with hybrid working in mind. Design specialists Dthree Studio have created a vibrant and collaborative working environment which is adapting as staff return. The space features a mix of hot-desks and collaboration areas, as well as formal and informal meeting spaces. This environment compliments the Tunbridge Wells office with an online hot-desking system allowing anyone in the firm to easily work out of either office.

Gavin Tyler, managing partner at Cripps Pemberton Greenish commented on the hybrid working approach, “In order to retain and attract the best talent, we must remain agile and adaptable. Hybrid working is a team game. The last 20 months have shown it is not just about where we are located but how we work together; being productive and focused; staying connected and keeping well.

Through the launch of this guide we are showing a commitment to our people that we support and encourage them to work in a way that’s right for them, whilst also meeting the needs of our clients and the business.”

Next week, the firm will release a report to help businesses make hybrid working work. The report considers three key aspects of hybrid working which are crucial for its success: technology, people and space. It explores how businesses can capitalise on hybrid working opportunities, while planning ahead to mitigate potential risks. The report will be published as part of the firm’s hybrid working series and will be available at

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