Cripps working with Imago

7 December, 2015
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

As part of an apprenticeship scheme with Imago, last week Cripps  welcomed two apprentices – Jamie Hodge and Kirsty Tyler – to complete a work placement within the firm’s Business Services division.


Jamie Hodge explains his role as Business Apprentice at Imago and what his work placement at Cripps has involved:


“I currently work at Imago, a charitable organisation that delivers projects for young and elderly people. I first started at Imago as a volunteer working one day a week collating data and adding referrals to the internal system. I was then offered an apprenticeship with the organisation also giving me the opportunity to study towards an NVQ Level 2.


During my apprenticeship, Cripps provided a mentoring scheme for apprentices and trainees at Imago which went on for a six month period. I would meet once a month with my mentor to talk about my job and they would advise on how I could improve and progress within the role. They also helped me build my confidence, not only in the workplace but personally as well. I am pleased about how much the mentoring has helped me in the workplace and as a person.


As part of the mentoring scheme Cripps offered a week’s work placement for two of the apprentices or trainees at Imago, and Kirsty and I were offered the work placement. The purpose of this was to gain experience at a much larger organisation and have the opportunity to view a different type of office workplace.


At Cripps Kirsty and I have been placed in a few different areas of the business. We first started work in the library where we were tasked with sorting books, this involved archiving out-of-date books and replacing them with the latest version. We then worked with the Facilities department, where I helped to complete postal rounds. This consisted of going around the offices hourly to collect and deliver post, in between postal rounds I was asked to carry out a data input task.   We also spent some time with the Marketing and Business Development team where we learnt more about marketing and communications and how the department fits within Cripps. I was given some hands-on experience which included carrying out advertising research and writing an article for the website.


Throughout the week I enjoyed the types of work I was tasked with and have experienced what it feels like to work within a different environment. I have also learnt a lot about the variety of work involved at Cripps.


My apprenticeship with Imago has now finished and I am pleased to have achieved a NVQ Level 2 qualification. I have now moved into a trainee role at the organisation working as a receptionist at the head office.

Within this role I deal with incoming phone and ‘off-the-street’ enquiries as well as taking care of any admin tasks such as data collation, spread sheet work, presentations and document production.   I also manage the Imago website, making sure all the information is up-to-date and manage the organisations social media accounts. A further part of my role is to sort incoming and outgoing mail which requires me to make sure incoming post goes to the correct people and outgoing mail is franked ready to be sent off.“


Imago is a social action charity working across Kent, Medway, East Sussex and London.  Imago delivers a range of tailored services and projects; supporting independence, reducing social isolation and creating opportunities, for some of the most vulnerable in our communities, including; young carers, children and young people living with a disability, vulnerable adults and older people.