Dementia awareness week

23 May, 2016

Last week was Dementia Awareness Week. Throughout the week we posted a variety of articles addressing just some of the issues surrounding the care of people with dementia.


Whether you are suffering with dementia or caring for someone close to you who is, the key to coping with dementia is good planning.


  1.  Get informed

To be able to plan well, you need to have all the information.

The Alzheimer’s Society and The Good Care Group websites have some fantastic resources.


2.  Appoint an attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney are invaluable if you want to delegate authority to someone else.

By appointing an attorney under an LPA you authorise them to make decisions for you if you become incapable. You can choose who to appoint as your attorney and whether they are able to handle your finances, taxes, benefits and assets and/or your personal welfare including medical treatment and living arrangements.

Planning ahead may avoid your friends and family having to make a time consuming and costly application to the Court of Protection.


3.  Update your Will

To make a Will you must have sufficient mental capacity (known as testamentary capacity). Amongst other things, you must understand the nature of a Will and the extent of the assets you are disposing of. It is important to review your Will regularly to ensure it reflects your wishes and circumstances.

Your attorney will not be able to change your Will without an application to the Court of Protection (known as an application for a statutory Will).


4.  Simplify your finances

As dementia progresses, it is likely to affect memory and your capacity to make financial decisions.

Please read our 5 top tips to help manage your finances.


5.  Seek advice

Although good planning is key, we appreciate that in life it is not always possible to plan ahead. Following a diagnosis of dementia, we can advise you or your family of your options and how best to move forwards.


If you would like more information about coping with dementia, please contact Hannah Baker on or 01892 506 057.