Brexit stalls reform on the status of the ‘self-employed’

7 December, 2017
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

In our previous blog discussing the outcome of the 2018 Budget, we highlighted the Government’s proposal to reform issues surrounding worker status, particularly within the gig economy.


The media reports, however, that any reform to the legislation surrounding worker status will be delayed due to Brexit negotiations taking priority over domestic policy reviews. As a result of the delay, disgruntled ‘self employed’ workers will have to wait to receive possible enhanced worker rights.


This does not mean employers can afford to sit back and relax presuming their business will not be affected; the on-going high profile cases in the media, such as Jess Varnish and Uber, will still encourage self employed workers to pursue their own claim for enhanced employment rights. It is apparent that changes to legislation are on the horizon, so now is an appropriate time for your business to review its employment practices and status of staff.


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