Owen Smith proposes a “revolution in workers’ rights” in new workplace manifesto

4 August, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

Owen Smith has launched a 25-point policy plan to reform60450866 - word manifestotyped on old typewriter key elements of employment law in his “workplace manifesto” as part of his bid to become Labour leader.

His pledges focus on five key themes:

  • strengthening collective bargaining;
  • improving collective trade union rights;
  • equality;
  • improving individual rights for working people; and
  • ensuring a voice for people at work.

Mr Smith also proposes to abolish fees for employment tribunals, increase employment rights for workers and impose statutory employment rights from the first day of employment, as opposed to the current two years.

Since announcing his bid for the leadership, Mr Smith has proposed to raise the minimum wage from £7.20 an hour to £8.25, ban zero-hours contracts and compel companies of a certain size to publish “race equality plans” and reveal the ratios between their highest and lowest pay rates.

These would be significant changes which will certainly appeal to the Trade Unions, but less welcomed by employers.

To see the full 25 pledges click here https://labourlist.org/2016/08/owen-smith-pledges-to-strengthen-collective-bargaining-as-he-reveals-workplace-manifesto/