Theresa May launches a major review in employment law practices

6 October, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

Theresa May has launched a major investigation into employEmployment - workersment law practices to ensure that legislation and the government support for businesses and workers are keeping up with changes in the labour market. A key driving factor for the review is to ensure that workers are not exploited by bosses and the investigation will include a review of zero-hour contracts and the rights of the self-employed and those on temporary contracts.

Six key areas will be analysed in the review: security, pay and rights, progression and training, finding the appropriate balance of rights and responsibilities for new business models, representation, opportunities for under-represented groups and new business models.

In the wake of Brexit, and the announcement that Article 50 will be triggered by March 2017, the launch of this review certainly suggests that the prime minister is keen to promote the flexibility of the UK labour market. While there are still no guarantees as to how UK employees and employers will be protected post Brexit, the review aims to look at the many new forms of employment and ensure that current legislation adequately balances the advantages for workers and consumers with the challenges and risks.

The independent review will be led by Matthew Taylor who is the chief executive of the RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) and former government advisor. He commented that the launch of this review was “very encouraging” and that the many varying forms of employment need to be approached with “an open mind” while recognising that “the same type of contract can have a diverse range of impacts on the people who use them”.