Divorce With Dignity

25 July, 2013

This morning I listened to Denise Robertson (the agony aunt from ITV’s This Morning I seem to remember) on the radio comment on a survey that found relationship committment in our society is decreasing. Her view was that “a good marriage is the nearest thing to heaven on earth, but an unhappy marriage is the nearest thing to hell on earth”. Well put, I thought!

She also said that, if a marriage or relationship gets to the point where one or other of the partners finds it intolerable to be with the other, the best thing to do is to bring it to an end with dignity. Another good point, I thought.

That second comment highlighted to me the importance of family lawyers doing everything possible to help people end their relationships with dignity if the end is to come. A happy client is one who looks back on the time I spent helping them with as much of their money in their own pocket, rather than spending it all on me, and knowing that I did my best to preserve their dignity.