Do separating parents have to pay university fees for their children?

28 August, 2015
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

Separating parents can be obliged to provide financial support to their adult children usually to the completion of first degree, but this is subject to affordability.

It is a good idea to agree in the financial settlement which parent will be responsible for supporting children at university if the children have already reached the age where university is within sight or they are already there when their parents separate. Sometimes both parents agree to make a financial contribution and agree to set up a joint account (where they are both joint signatories) purely for payment of their child’s education.

In proceedings the judge may make a maintenance order to ensure adult children are properly supported. However, the situation may not be so clear-cut with younger children where the possibility of going to university is much farther in the future and the cost of everything from tuition fees to accommodation is more difficult to predict.