January blues? Looking forward

26 January, 2018
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

Statistics show that the number of separating couples regularly spikes in January. This is perhaps not surprising. Christmas is an intense period, carrying high expectations for fun, frivolity and wonderful presents, all fuelled by the power of advertising.  Immediate and extended family are thrown together, present buying in overcrowded shops is costly and stressful, the cold and dreary weather doesn’t help and neither do all the winter illnesses; it can all conspire to bring a relationship to breaking point.


So, what are your options if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation?


Try taking some time out for yourself, and for each other. Sometimes, a short holiday away, separately or together, can allow you both to gain some perspective, remember what made the relationship work in the first place, and what you need to do to fix it. This need not be a holiday to the Caribbean or even a local walking holiday together, a few hours out at a time on a regular basis, away from the usual routine and pressures, can help you both reconnect.


You could go and see a relationship counsellor. Counselling can be helpful because it gives you time away from your situation, and to view and understand your circumstances from a fresh perspective, with some helpful guidance from a trained outsider. It also allows you and your partner to discuss complex and confidential issues in a reassuring and confidential environment. An initial session with a counsellor can be all that is needed to gain some clarity, and to work on bringing new life to a relationship, or, to take the appropriate steps to bring it to an end.


Have a discussion with a family solicitor anyway, whatever option you may choose. This need not spell the definite end of a relationship but can be a one off meeting to discuss what life might look like financially and with arrangements for any children should the relationship be brought to an end. It can help you feel more in control and informed about the consequences of ending a relationship and realities of life after that. It is important that if you are considering ending your relationship, you know exactly what this entails.


Our family team appreciates that separations can be distressing. Our approach is sensitive and explains your options and their consequences clearly and carefully. All our family solicitors belong to Resolution, an organisation committed to the constructive resolution of relationship disputes.


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