What Can We Learn From Johnny Depp?

6 July, 2012

One of my favourite commutes involves a walk over the Thames from Waterloo to my London office near Covent Garden. Those few minutes I get to gaze at the beautiful River Thames often sparks some profound thoughts in me about life and today was no exception. Today’s “River Thames Time” took my mind to….Jonny Depp and Vanessa Paradis!

What a shame that Jonny and Vanessa have separated after so many years. I had probably forgotten they were even together. But then in my world I always like to think that the stars who don’t broadcast their marriage in the media do so because their home life is happy.

After my instinctive curiosity about just how much money they do have, whether he will ever make chocolate in France again and how much of his $75 million earnings last year she would be entitled to, I found myself thinking of how I mourn some celebrity break ups, but then treat others with indifference or even welcome relief. Compare the media reaction to the Depps with the Kardashians, for example. In our world some couples deserve to be left alone in dignity; others apparently should be helped along the road to divorce with a liberal sprinkling of public derision just in case they don’t manage to get there by themselves.

Just as I reached the north side of the Thames and left its inspirational waters for another day, the serious thought hit me. There is a time for robust action, but there is also a time for compassion. Lawyers and mediators involved in relationship breakdown need to know what time it is now.

That was my River Thames Time for today.