Flexible funding options

The cost of getting the expert legal advice you need to resolve a dispute is a barrier for many people.  However, our flexible funding options can make litigation affordable and help you stay in control.


Legal expenses insurance – do your existing insurance policies include legal cover? It’s worth checking whether your insurer might pay your legal fees.


Pay as you go – you may want to agree an hourly rate or arrange a fixed fee in advance. We can sometimes do a combination of both, with fixed fees for certain parts of your claim.


Conditional fee agreements (CFA) – we can offer ‘no win low fee’ terms. This involves paying a minimum fee if you lose and a higher fee if you’re successful.


Litigation funding – this is when a third party pays your fees for a share of your compensation.  If you lose your case they lose their investment. We can introduce you to a funder if this option appeals and your claim is suitable.


After the event insurance (ATE) – if your case is unsuccessful you may have to pay the other party’s costs. Arranging ATE in advance will cover this amount. Third party litigation funders usually insist on this.


Expenses – remember that you’ll have to pay court expenses as well as the legal fees. And if you require an expert or a barrister you’ll normally need to pay them immediately rather than after your claim is settled.   Sometimes these costs can be covered by ATE if you lose.


We always consider funding options on a case-by-case basis. The more likely your case is to succeed, and the higher the value of the amount at stake, the more flexible we can be.


We will need to assess your chances of success before agreeing to your preferred payment option.  An initial telephone consultation is usually free of charge.


Call us on +44 (0)1892 506 196 and we will see what we can do.