Pubs decline whilst craft beer booms

12 December, 2017

Whilst the popularity of craft beer is increasing in both pubs and supermarkets, there’s been a rapid decline in the number of pubs in Britain. So where will independent breweries sell their beer?


The number of breweries has soared in the last 5 years. There’s been a growing interest in producing beers that have an individual character alongside the increase in young people travelling the world and trying a range of different beers.


Statistics are showing that the number of pubs across Britain is in rapid decline. London alone has lost a quarter of its pubs in the last 15 years. Pubs in Britain overall are down approximately 10,000 in the last 10 years.


Pub managers have to tackle increasing business rates and conflicts with residents. There’s also the threat of developers buying the freehold and pushing the tenant out with high rents on lease renewals.


Tax on beer has also been steadily increasing together with the overall cost of a pint. It was recently revealed that Surrey is the most expensive place to buy a pint overtaking London!


However, the government recognise that the British pub is a staple of British culture. In the recent budget it was announced that there will be a freeze on beer duty. They attract vast amounts of tourists in cities and are often the heart of the community in smaller towns and villages. They are a large part of the economy in London.


Craft beer is certainly a way forward for pubs to draw in customers. Pub managers are always looking to try new things to make their pub stand out. If they have the resources to brew their own beer it could be a great way to put an individual stamp on the pub. Selling other craft beer from local breweries will also attract those looking to try new beers and support local businesses.


Independent breweries might be tempted by selling out to larger corporations. Of course big companies want to buy into craft beer as they see its growing popularity, but a large part of the reason people buy craft beer is the independent ownership and the fact that some are not produced on a large scale.


And so despite the decline in the number of pubs, what is plain to see in most towns and cities is the growing popularity of craft beer which if utilised could be great way of keeping our favourite pubs running. It’s a testament to how much Britons love our beer that breweries continue to grow even though pub numbers have gone down. Hopefully this will continue to be the case and pubs will begin to grow in number again instead of declining.