Leasehold enfranchisement

The right to manage after the Supreme Court overturns Gala Unity in FirstPort Property Services Ltd v Settlers Court RTM Company Ltd

18 Jan, 2022
Last week (12 Jan), the Supreme Court handed down judgment in the much anticipated case of FirstPort Property Services Ltd v Settlers Court RTM Company Ltd & Ors [2022] UKSC 1...
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Commercial contracts / Information technology / Technology

Pain-free tech procurement

25 Nov, 2021
If investment in technology is required, here are some top tips to help ensure your procurement process is pain-free: Ensure you have clearly identified what your business needs...
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Leasehold enfranchisement

In anticipation of FirstPort Property Services Ltd v Settlers Court RTM Company in the Supreme Court

9 Nov, 2021
The Supreme Court will hear an appeal from FirstPort Property Services this week after its initial appeal “leapfrogged” the Court of Appeal. The case will decide whether a...
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Leasehold enfranchisement

Options for leaseholders - the Right to Manage

19 Oct, 2021
Whilst we await the next steps in relation to the reinvigoration of Commonhold, leaseholders that are unhappy with the management of their building may wish to consider the Right...
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Family businesses

Winning the Generation Game

29 Sep, 2021
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish
With around 70% of all family businesses failing in the initial transition from generation 1 to generation 2, the earlier they embark on succession planning the greater the chance...
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Advertising & media

What is new for international data transfers?

28 Sep, 2021
Following the decision in the Schrems II case in July 2020, the EU’s Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) have been subject to review both in the EU and in the UK.    New EU...
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Taking the splash!: Advice for employers when considering requests from employees to work overseas

13 Sep, 2021
One of the most significant consequences of Covid-19 has been the shift and adaptation to homeworking.  Indeed as borders have opened up, many employees are looking to exploit...
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What role will the office play post-pandemic?

17 Aug, 2021
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish
As part of our hybrid working campaign, we’re speaking to industry leaders from a variety of sectors to find out how their working styles have adapted during the pandemic. In...
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Leasehold enfranchisement

Adapting to ground rent reform – the developer and investor perspective

3 Aug, 2021
This Autumn, the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rents) Bill is anticipated to be enacted. In leases granted after this time, landlords will be no longer be able to recover ground rent...
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International clients

Choisir le bon modèle de travail hybride

16 Jul, 2021
Les modèles de travail hybride, c’est-à-dire ce savant dosage de télétravail et de journées en présentiel au bureau présente à la fois des opportunités et des enjeux...
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Employment (individual)

As businesses adopt new working models post pandemic – what must you consider as an employee

15 Jul, 2021
As many businesses adopt hybrid working models, where their employees split their time between working from home and attending the workplace, we’re seeing those employees...
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Everyone has an Estate – does everyone need a Plan?  

8 Jun, 2021
We Brits don’t like talking about inheritances it seems – particularly before the event.  But when (according to one recent survey) £5.5tn is expected to change hands through...
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Leasehold enfranchisement

First step on the road to Leasehold Reform and its impact on Enfranchisement

7 Jun, 2021
The Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Bill is currently making its way through Parliament, with the next step being the committee stage scheduled for 9 June 2021.  This is the first...
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Commercial dispute resolution

Completion accounts in share purchase agreements – avoiding disputes

5 May, 2021
What are completion accounts and why are they used? A buyer of a business will usually base their offer to purchase it on the most recent financial statements – typically...
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Leasehold enfranchisement

Payments made to a manager appointed under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 are service charges

27 Apr, 2021
There are various options open to tenants of flats that are dissatisfied with the management of their building.  These include three different methods of removing the management...
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Residential property / Tax advice

New SDLT rate from 1 April 2021 - Non-Resident Surcharge

7 Apr, 2021
SDLT holidays The SDLT ‘holiday’ that can save up to £15,000 on the purchase of a house or other dwelling was due to end on 31 March, but has been extended to purchases...
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Coronavirus hub / Real estate

Covid-19 and the recovery of rent arrears: what options do landlords have left?

25 Mar, 2021
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish
Update 25 March 2021: As expected, the Government has announced that the current restrictions on landlords will be extended from 31 March 2021 to 30 June 2021. This coincides with...
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Section 233B Insolvency Act 1986 – What does it mean for construction contracts?

21 Mar, 2021
The Corporate Insolvency & Governance Act 2020 introduced a raft of measures designed to provide additional protection to companies in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. ...
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Banking & finance

LIBOR - the end game

4 Mar, 2021
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish
From 1 April 2021 new and re-financed loans should no longer reference LIBOR. That is not an April fools’, but a very real milestone set by the Working Group on Sterling...
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Employment (business) / Employment (individual)

The Supreme Court has the final say on the employment status of Uber drivers

19 Feb, 2021
The Supreme Court has handed down its decision in Uber v Aslam and has concluded that the employment status of Uber drivers is rightly that of “worker” rather than “self-...
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