Cloud Service Contracts – Best Practice

14 September, 2012

The use of cloud computing services has become mainstream in almost all areas of business in recent years. However, many aspects of commercial and legal best practice remain unclear, with many cloud contracts failing to take account of the fundamental differences between cloud services and “traditional” software.

 The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has published a white paper which reports the findings of a study carried out by the CIF into the adoption of cloud based services. The study identifies some best practice points for both cloud service providers and end users in relation to the following key issues:

  • Contract term
  • Termination, migration and transfer of data
  • Data security
  • Service levels (SLAs)
  • Liability

We have prepared a Briefing Note (pdf) which discusses these issues and takes a look at the best practice points summarised in the CIF’s white paper.