Twitter – the advertising veil is lifted

15 November, 2017
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

Twitter has recently announced the launch of a “Transparency Centre”. The purpose of the Transparency Centre is to increase visibility to Twitter’s users about who is advertising on the platform. The Transparency Centre will specifically show:

  1. All ads that are currently running on Twitter, including Promoted-Only ads (ads that are only shown to users targeted in the particular advertising campaign);
  2. How long ads have been running;
  3. Ad creative associated with those campaigns; and
  4. Ads targeted to you, as well as personalised information on which ads you are eligible to receive based on targeting.

In addition, users will be able to give feedback on any advert running on Twitter, whether they are being targeted with the ads or not. It will be interesting to see if Twitter is able to harness this potentially valuable data in respect of the appeal of particular adverts to users.

The aim of introducing the Transparency Centre appears to be an attempt by Twitter to avoid regulation following allegations of attempting to interfere with and influence the US election by unidentified political adverts on the platform. New US legislation has been introduced which would impose similar disclosure requirements on all platforms with at least 50m monthly viewers.

The announcement singles out election ads and states there will be a special section for electioneering ads. The information users will be able to access will be particularly revealing and includes:

  1. Disclosure on total campaign ad spend by the advertiser;
  2. Transparency about the identity of the organisation funding the campaign;
  3. Targeting demographics, such as age, gender and geography; and
  4. Historical data about all electioneering ad spending by advertiser.

Along with similar sponsorship and advertising announcements by Facebook and Instagram social media platforms are becoming more aware of their responsibilities and the need to be transparent with users. Watch this space to see if the changes have any perceived affects advising and elections in the future.


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