‘My Choices’

To ensure that your loved ones and those caring for you know and understand your wishes, we have developed the ‘My Choices’ package to assist with your future planning.


‘My Choices’ capsule

If you require urgent medical assistance at home paramedics are trained to look in the fridge for medical information. Your capsule can be kept in your fridge and will alert paramedics to the existence of key documents such as health and care Lasting Powers of Attorney and Advance Decisions.




My Choices’ book

Our book helps you to collate key information relating to your personal, medical and financial legal affairs. This includes a record of your likes, dislikes and life history to ensure that you are cared for with your personal characteristics in mind should you lose capacity to make decisions for yourself. 




Contact card

Our Contact Card can be kept in a purse or wallet to alert anyone providing you with medical assistance outside of your home that your legal affairs are dealt with by  Cripps Pemberton Greenish. Once we are contacted we can make sure key people, such as your attorneys, are aware so that your wishes are carried out.

My Choices package options

Receive a form to help you to gather the key information together with detailed instructions on how to complete it. We will then collate this information in your ‘My Choices’ book and send it to you or store it safely in our archives.

A consultation with one of our dedicated client care specialists who will help you to complete the information for your ‘My Choices’ book. We will then collate the information in your book and send it to you or store it safely in our archives.

In addition to the Gold option, you will also receive a personal legal review meeting with a specialist solicitor who will advise you on your choices in relation to powers of attorney, the care fee funding rules and Advance Decisions.

All of our options include a free Cripps Pemberton Greenish Capsule and Contact Card.  

Contact us today to discuss your options

If you would like to find out more about these products, or to speak to a legal expert on any mental capacity issues you or your family may be facing, please contact Nicola Hillyer on 01892 506 014 or email nicola.hillyer@crippspg.co.uk