Professional negligence claims solicitors in Kent

Claims against professionals are increasing.  If you have received negligent advice from a professional, you may have the right to claim for compensation


Our professional negligence solicitors in Kent will listen to what you have to say, look at the relevant papers, understand what went wrong and let you know whether you have a claim.


Disputes arising from professional negligence can involve all manner of professionals, including:  accountants, engineers, architects, barristers, financial advisers , insurance brokers, solicitors and surveyors.


Professional negligence is a serious matter and can result in significant loss. Making a professional negligence claim can be complex and you should seek the advice of a specialist lawyer.


If you have a dispute with a professional you may have a number of questions such as:


  • What is professional negligence?
  • Do I have a professional negligence claim?
  • How do I make a professional negligence claim?
  • Who can bring a claim against a professional?
  • Will my professional negligence claim go to court?

The professional negligence lawyers at Cripps Pemberton Greenish can answer these questions for you. You may also find our Guide to Professional Negligence Claims useful


It is always necessary to balance the cost of pursuing a claim against the likely outcome if you are thinking about suing a professional. In some cases our Kent professional negligence solicitors can agree to work on a Conditional Fee Agreement (‘no win no fee’). In others we can offer alternative methods of billing. We try to accommodate your particular circumstances.


We have a team of lawyers who specialise in bringing claims against professionals. Our experience is extensive and covers all professional disciplines. Our aim is to achieve the best possible result in the most cost efficient way for you.

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