Ann-Marie Bass

Talent Development Manager

In my role I support the development of employees at Cripps Pemberton Greenish. This is done through providing learning opportunities for all employees and ensuring training received is engaging, effective and interesting. My role involves designing and delivering in-house learning solutions as well as sourcing suitable providers where it is more appropriate.


I enjoy making learning more readily available at the firm through the use of various different mediums; such as eLearning, social learning and more traditional classroom learning.


With very good attention to detail, I am able to see the bigger picture, making me very commercially minded. This means I am able to seamlessly identify and combine the needs of the firm with learner needs.


  • 6 years working in L&D in financial services
  • Experienced in facilitating and designing learning interventions using a variety of different mediums, including;
    • eLearning
    • traditional classroom style learning
    • social learning
    • blended learning