Elizabeth Middleton

Consultant at NGM Tax Law LLP

I work as an independent tax consultant to Cripps, providing support to the corporate and other teams on a full range of commercial tax issues including share schemes.

Whilst tax affects the bottom line, it is a game of words not numbers. Every year brings a raft of new legislation by which the government aims to raise revenue whilst encouraging some behaviours and discouraging others; and the pace shows no sign of slowing.

My job as a tax lawyer is to stay abreast of the complex rules in this fast-moving landscape; to help clients make use of available reliefs and incentives; to advise on tax effective routes to achieve commercial ends, and to spot and manage tax difficulties at an early stage in a transaction.

With over 20 years’ experience I have built up the technical knowledge and experience that enables me to identify issues quickly and think creatively about solutions.

Pragmatism is the most important factor in commercial transactions. We need to understand tax problems, but to deliver solutions.

A natural team player, I enjoy working with the teams at Cripps and with clients from a variety of industries. I work with clients to understand their business – it’s the best way to ensure tax advice segues seamlessly with wider legal advice.

In a field where tax practitioners are often thought to be a little Delphic, I am often told ‘you are not like other tax lawyers’.

Qualifications & memberships

Shareplan Lawyers Group