Consultation: A call for the views of land development professionals

12 October, 2020

In August, the Government issued a consultation paper entitled ‘Transparency and competition: A call for evidence on data on land control’ . The final date for submission of comments is 30 October 2020.

To help you have your say, we have put together a quick list of questions below.  Your answers will be fed into our response to this consultation in which we aim to cover a wide representation of the market.

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The stated aim of the Government’s consultation is to improve the transparency of certain land purchase and sale arrangements by public disclosure of contractual arrangements between land sellers and buyers.

The Government believes that a current absence of data transparency results in:

  • communities being unable to understand the “likely path” of development in their community; and
  • a barrier to entry for smaller developers and a reduction in competition and “market efficiency.”

We want you to be able to easily respond to this consultation and have your opinions heard.

Please click the button below to share your views in this 2-minute survey.

At the end, please leave your e-mail with us and we will send you our initial insights on the Government’s paper.

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Closing date for responses to the Cripps Pemberton Greenish poll is: Friday 23 October.