Report: Creating connections – How can real estate deliver on the promise of proptech?

At the start of 2019, the real estate team at Cripps Pemberton Greenish set out to discover how we could better connect the needs of the property industry with the technology solutions being talked about in the marketplace.


In this report we explore where technology is being introduced in the real estate sector to accelerate the speed of change. Why has there been a hold-up in tech adoption and execution? And how do we move beyond the hype to unlock the real benefits of technology for property businesses and their end users?

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The impact technology is having on the built environment is undeniable yet real estate investors and developers continue to operate on traditional models without much incentive to change.

Key findings

To help us understand the benefits and barriers to proptech implementation, we talked to professionals in both the real estate and technology industries. Three themes emerged. Find out more.

Our recommendations

With the pace of change in technology and real estate, we suggest three practical recommendations to help you unlock the promise of proptech.

About our research

We used three research methods to test our ideas and produce our recommendations.