Scam communications

A scam is a type of fraud that criminals use to trick you into giving them money and personal details. Fraudsters may use the name of the firm, its partners and employees, or parties linked directly or indirectly to your matter to make their activity appear credible.


Scams can take the form of emails, text messages, telephone calls or direct mail which can seem legitimate and convincing; so it’s important to be vigilant and carefully check and verify any unusual requests or suspicious communications purporting to come from the firm.




There are several tips which you can follow to keep yourself secure against scam communications.


For example, beware of communications which:

  • request sensitive information, in particular bank details;
  • notify you of changes to important business information by email, such as bank account details; or
  • come from individuals that you don’t know or did not expect to be contacted by.



If you receive communications purporting to be from Cripps LLP or any of our partners or employees about which you are uncertain or suspicious, please either contact the partner or employee you normally deal with through our main switchboard: +44 (0)1892 515 121, or email before taking any action and we will investigate.


Please note that neither Cripps LLP nor any of its partners or employees will be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of any scam communications. Furthermore, we will not be able to recover the funds for you if you have paid money away to a scam. However, we do take all cases seriously and our Compliance team will be happy to take the details of your case.


You can find further information on scams on the Solicitors Regulation Authority website.