Advertising, technology & media

Receiving expert legal advice on technology, advertising, marketing and media issues is essential, whether you are a business using or creating new innovations. Reliance on technology and the huge importance of data and security to us all mean that our work now focusses on things which are not merely helpful for businesses, they are business critical.


Our dedicated lawyers have a wealth of experience in these key areas. We understand the issues, speak the language, navigate the legal complexities expertly, and represent our clients with the utmost professionalism.


We have assembled a team across our practice areas so our advertising, technology and media expertise can be applied to all aspects of your business whether in relation to your daily commercial contract needs, your corporate transactional strategy, your employment needs or even the real estate issues integral to the building of a data centre.


Whether you are a developer, supplier or customer our team can help with the development or procurement of software, the manufacture of hardware and systems, the use of the internet and any other technologies which are the key to your success. We have the knowledge to help guide you through the legal and contractual challenges. If it involves the use or creation of technology or the use or reliance on data, we can help, that is what we do.


We also represent some of the largest digital media agencies in the world. Our team has extensive experience in this sector, having represented brand managers, advertisers, publishers, production companies, media specialists and full service agencies for many years. Our team helps clients in relation to the use of social media, television advertising agreements, merchandising, rights clearance and the protection of digital portfolios.


All our team have direct sector experience. One of our partners has a degree in engineering and worked as a software developer, before becoming a buyer, another committed the first part of his career to in-house positions in some substantial media agencies. The thing we all have in common is that we have dedicated our careers to advertising, technology and media. You will not need to translate. We see issues from your perspective.