Renewable energy

Wind and solar power will soon be joined by wave, tidal and other new technologies as businesses search for sustainable low carbon energy sources.


If you are a developer looking for advice in connection with a renewable energy scheme, a landowner approached by a developer, or a business considering new technologies, our dedicated team of renewable energy lawyers can help.


We have extensive experience handling the development, implementation and on-going maintenance of large solar farms, commercial solar projects and wind turbine schemes. Our clients include major offshore wind farms and national companies investing in solar power to reduce energy costs.


We can take care of the whole process, from negotiating and drafting development agreements to construction warranties. Once the project is built we can deal with all requirements for the project operating company.


Our renewable energy lawyers are resourceful, responsive and always consider the idiosyncrasies of each individual project.


We are also skilled negotiators. When parties have conflicting interests, our renewable energy lawyers analyse the issues from every angle and ensure your project proceeds smoothly and on schedule.



Talk to us about


  • Development agreements
  • Options
  • Leases 
  • Power purchase agreements 
  • Funding documents (including direct agreements)
  • Purchasing companies with renewable assets
  • Planning advice
  • Construction and warranty documentation