Our team of specialist tech lawyers fits around our client’s reliance on technology. We ensure that at every point in your journey risk is sensibly managed and your commercial imperatives are met.


We work with suppliers and customers throughout the lifecycle of software and technology development and procurement projects. All members of our team have had bespoke training in software development, provided by the University of Kent, and some of our team were already trained software developers before they became lawyers.


We understand the building blocks and the processes involved and our job is to deliver more clarity, transparency and certainty into the projects; we help deliver them to a conclusion.


We help our clients take their technology products to market and ensure that, at whichever level of the supply chain they operate, they do so on sensible terms, protecting their interests whilst ensuring commercial agility. We provide a full service of legal support throughout the lifecycle of a business commercialising or relying on technology.


We advise a wide range of businesses including software developers, IT suppliers, companies with large-scale IT procurement and tech start-ups.


For further insight from our team, we have a dedicated software portal, which is a free information resource focusing on the key legal issues faced by software developers, software customers and software businesses.

  • Worked closely with a leading internet holiday agency in relation to the development and procurement of a new finance system. This involved drafting and negotiating a complex software development agreement.
  • Advised on and drafted documentation required by a major infrastructure engineering business for the procurement of various software applications which are being developed on a bespoke basis to suit the specific business requirements for some of their complex internal systems.
  • Provide a complete range of services to an international serviced apartment internet business. This has included drafting and negotiating a substantial deal with one of the big four firms of accountants for the licensing of our client’s serviced apartments portal technology to be used by the firm’s employees and customers.
  • Worked with an award winning database and CRM agency on a wide range of technology deals including negotiating the contracts for the provision of software, support and related development services for two of the country’s largest loyalty card providers.
  • Worked with a client who creates enterprise apps enabling companies to fully integrate mobiles, tablets and other devices into their business strategies. Worked with them on a wide range of projects including advising on an international joint venture arrangement and on the use of open-source software in some of their app products.
  • Developed a new licensing strategy for a leading provider of technology solutions for the insurance market. Provided assistance and support in negotiating long term strategic framework agreements with our client’s leading insurance provider clients.
  • Assisted a prominent software business with strategic negotiations in relation to long term software testing services, framework agreements with several high street banks and blue chip insurance providers and provided further assistance with negotiations regarding the adoption of a new Value Added Reseller commercial model in respect of their services.
  • Structured and drafted the contractual arrangements for the exclusive licence of various software and other technology (which is underpinned by a very valuable trade mark and patent portfolio) required to facilitate the manufacture and supply of our client’s manufacturing technology exclusively into the Benelux countries and globally on a non-exclusive basis.