Coroners’ inquests

In our experience, the best outcome from an inquest is achieved if you know exactly what to expect; therefore we will sit down with you and talk everything through.  We can explain why an inquest is being held, what it involves, what kind of evidence will be considered, the people who take part and the information you are likely to hear.  We will consider with you the type of conclusions coroners typically reach.


It is important you also understand the role you play in the process.  Specifically, what rights and options you have before, during and after the hearing. We explain, for example, how your concerns can be considered or whether a decision can be reviewed.  We can consider with you or recommend whether a civil claim is relevant or advisable.


Our bespoke advice is designed to identify your concerns, reduce stress, offer reassurance and guide and support you through the process.


We offer expert insight into the process – this is invaluable if you have specific concerns or if the facts surrounding the death are particularly complicated.


To get the most from an inquest, you must know exactly what to expect .  Our guide Inquests: Answers to some common questions helps to de-mystify the process 


Please feel free to talk to us about your needs.  We are here to help.