Resolving disputes

We have specialists in every area of the law relating to disputes: employment lawprofessional negligence and claims involving contesting  a will or an estate disputes involving a trust as well as property. We also offer a personal service that considers your individual circumstances carefully.


We listen to you, understand your aims, and explain your options in clear English. It is not always a choice between expensive litigation and doing nothing – there are a number of ways to negotiate a settlement including alternative dispute resolution (ADR), arbitration (a private hearing before an independent arbitrator) and mediation (a legal expert helps two sides to reach an agreement).


We might also recommend contacting the ombudsmen, who can resolve disputes and determine compensation, or undergo early neutral evaluation, in which an independent expert considers both sides.


Our personal dispute solicitors will do their best to resolve your claim before going to court. However, if court is unavoidable we will represent you robustly and professionally.


We also discuss the most appropriate way to fund your claim. Depending on your circumstances our personal dispute solicitors are happy to agree fixed fees, deferred payments, or ‘no win, no fee’ arrangements.


We support you through the process until everything is finalised.