Property disputes

Our property dispute team is one of the largest and most highly regarded in the country. We give expert advice on every kind of property dispute, whether it involves land, buildings, or their use.

We have specialists in every relevant area of the law. We listen to your concerns, investigate the disagreement from every angle, and work out the swiftest and most cost-effective way to settle a dispute.

The first thing we do is explain your rights clearly. This is particularly important in disputes with neighbours. Contentious issues include boundary disputes, overhanging trees, encroachment, extensions, restrictive covenants, or arguments about rights of way, rights to drains, shared drives or blocking light.

Landlords, tenants, those who co-own or cohabit properties also need clarity. Landlords need help when tenants damage property, while tenants pursue landlords who withhold important services.

We also deal with sales and purchases. We settle expensive property disputes that hold up exchange and completion, and help if you want to buy the freehold of a property, negotiate a longer lease or take over the management of the property yourself.

Whatever property dispute you are involved in, our specialists in property law will work hard to prevent disagreements going to court. However, if this cannot be averted we will represent you professionally and vigorously to ensure a positive outcome.