Our experience of dealing with issues concerning children

  • Appealed against out of time decision of the Child Support Agency made of its own volition to vary a child support maintenance assessment on the ground that the client had income that was not taken into account. The effect of the variation was that the child support calculation was significantly increased. Careful and highly technical advice was necessary on this highly specialised area of law.
  • Seeking a variation of an order for payment of school fees to allow a child to attend a different private school. The client’s financial means were limited and she was not in a position to afford representation for court proceedings. Skilful and effective letter writing on our part not only avoided a protracted exchange of correspondence but resulted in the client’s request eventually being granted in all respects.
  • Representing a wife in a divorce, complex financial remedy, Children Act and Family Law Act proceedings. This was highly contentious, with family injunction proceedings instigated by the husband almost immediately.  Our client also applied for a non-molestation and occupation order, and ultimately these were resolved with cross-undertakings. There have been two sets of court proceedings concerning the arrangements for their children