Civil partnerships

We can help those who wish to form a civil partnership and those dealing with a break up. We will explain your position clearly and provide professional advice that reflects your specific circumstances.


Before formalising your relationship, you must understand how your civil partnership will affect your legal position – particularly when it comes to your property, assets, pension and tax status.


Our experienced team of civil partnership solicitors will explain the legal ramifications and whether a ‘pre-registration agreement’, which works much like a pre-nuptial agreement, is advisable. These agreements can help you protect substantial assets you already own or will acquire over time.


Professional civil partnership legal advice is also vital if your relationship has broken down. Like traditional marriages, your partnership must be formally dissolved. You will need advice on how to divide capital and pensions, and whether either of you has a maintenance claim. The future of any children affected must also be decided.


Mediation and collaborative law are just as relevant in the break up of civil partnerships as they are in divorces. In the event of a dispute, our civil partnership solicitors have the skills and experience to resolve matters swiftly and painlessly.