Common questions about prenuptial & postnuptial agreements

A prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement could form part of your broader financial planning. Here we answer a few commonly asked questions about pre nups and post nups..

A prenuptial agreement (pre-nup) is a written document signed by a couple prior to marriage or a civil partnership that sets out their joint understanding of what will happen to their finances if the marriage or civil partnership comes to an end. It is very important that they are entered into properly and with both parties taking their own independent legal advice.

Our expert family lawyers based in Tunbridge Wells and London have a lot of experience in writing and advising on nuptial agreements.

A prenuptial agreement is not automatically legally binding in the UK under English law. However, if a divorcing couple have a prenuptial agreement, the likelihood is that their financial settlement will follow the terms of their nuptial agreement, unless there is a very good reason why they should not.

Yes, a postnup agreement can be prepared by a married couple or civil partners setting out their understanding of what will happen to their finances in the event of a divorce or separation. Our expert family lawyers in London and Tunbridge Wells have a lot of experience in preparing nuptial agreements and advising on them.

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