Financial claims

Our family solicitors have a wealth of experience giving financial claims advice to those from Kent, London and the rest of the UK as well as internationally. We explain complicated situations simply and help our clients to move on with their lives as swiftly as possible.


No matter how complex your financial arrangements, we will support you throughout the process and give financial claims advice that suits your individual financial circumstances.


When we provide financial claims advice, we adopt a flexible, imaginative approach that helps create an amicable settlement. We are also able to draw on the expertise of other specialists from the firm to overcome hurdles and ensure the best result for you.


All our family solicitors are members of Resolution, an organisation committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes.


Our team has particular expertise in resolving child support issues, including appeals to the Tribunal Service. We also provide a child support law service to other firms of solicitors who come to us for help, advice and representation in their cases.


Nationally recognised solicitor, Benjamin Carter is an expert in this complex area of family law. He is co-author of Safe Routes to Child Support and sits on the child support committee of Resolution.


Do you have any questions?


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