Our probate experience

  • Administering multi-million pound estates with diverse assets including UK (onshore) and non-UK (offshore) assets.
  • Dealing with complex intestate estates (where no will exists) and where numerous beneficiaries are involved, including experience of asset and beneficiary tracing.
  • Dealing with estates involving conflicts of laws (where assets are held abroad, such as in European countries, the USA or Middle or Far East), including experience in obtaining grants of representation abroad or in the UK for foreign wills.
  • Dealing with estates involving businesses or business interests and agricultural businesses or assets as well as ‘landed’ estates
  • Dealing with the estates of foreign nationals with UK owned property, including assessments of ‘Domicile’, to work out and advise on the applicable tax and succession rules.
  • Acting as a professional executor and trustee (through our wholly owned Trust Corporation), where experience, continuity or independence is required (such as in contentious estates at the request and agreement of the parties or following appointment by the High Court).