Help with tax returns

Our chartered tax advisers offer a comprehensive service, linked seamlessly to our lawyers. We complete your Inland Revenue  tax return for you, give advice where appropriate, and negotiate with HMRC.


We provide all the support you would expect from a major law firm. You can either ask us to file a single tax return, or utilise our annual return service where we complete your tax returns every year – usually for a fixed fee.


Our team reviews your tax information thoroughly, using specialist software to file tax returns online


We will also flag up any issues or tax mitigation opportunities we identify along the way. Our aim is to look out for ways to reduce your tax liabilities.


We give inheritance tax returns the same care and attention. Not only do we complete and submit these for clients, we also operate a calendar system which ensures all information is assembled and necessary steps taken in good time.


Our tax and compliance team will be on hand to help you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We can also deal with any queries from HMRC.