Advice about tax

We shape ourselves around your needs and go to great lengths to understand your financial situation, explain the options available, then help you decide on the best course of action. Our job is to deal with the process for you, so we will simply tell you what you need to know.

We offer an all-round tax advice service with all the support that a major law firm can provide. We take our duty of care very seriously. Clarity is everything. You will know exactly where you stand, what your liabilities are and we can help you plan for all possible contingencies.

Wealth preservation

The diversity and experience of our teams means that trusts and tax plans can be tailor made and dovetailed into your life. 

Property tax

Advice for investors, landowners and farmers, including the implications of buy-to-let schemes. 

Inheritance tax

Setting up and reviewing inheritance tax planning arrangements forms a significant part of our business. We have many long-term relationships with individuals and families. Our advisers in wills, trusts and inheritance tax relief are recognised for their expertise in the UK and abroad. We don’t use financial products but we can work with your own or introduce you to financial advisers who can help.

Many trusts have to complete inheritance tax returns every 10 years. We operate a calendar system to ensure that everything is prepared in good time and handle completion and submission of the return. Inheritance tax returns are also required following someone’s death. We deal with that as part of the general administration of estates. 

Capital gains tax

Capital gains tax (CGT) can arise on the disposal of an asset, and forward planning can help reduce or avoid it. Even the sale of your main home can have CGT implications because not all of it will always qualify for relief. You will definitely need advice when selling a business interest. 

Income tax and pre-owned assets tax

These taxes impose charges on income and on benefits in kind. We advise on mitigating their impact and often achieve long-term annual savings. 

Annual return service

We can complete a one-off personal tax return, or prepare returns annually – often for a fixed fee. We use specialist software and submit returns on line. As part of the process, we advise on pertinent issues and help you reduce future tax liabilities where possible. 

Compliance and enquiries

If you receive a penalty notice or become the subject of an investigation we have a lot of experience in negotiating with HMRC to achieve the best outcome.

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  • Capital gains tax planning relating to four properties owned by a client, completed before the emergency Budget leading to a five figure tax savings.
  • Capital gains tax planning in the context of a business sale. Pre-emergency budget planning saved tax in excess of £100,000.
  • Six figure savings of capital gains tax and stamp duty land tax mitigation work relating to four freehold properties subject to long leases with a value of approximately £5 million.
  • Advising clients and beneficiaries on the handling of IHT issues relating to home loan plans (house and debt schemes).

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