Our experience of advising the vulnerable

  • Frequently deal with applications to the court of protection for registration of all types of powers of attorney.
  • Arrange assessments of mental capacity by independent experts.
  • Regularly advise spouses where one is losing capacity, including restructuring of their will to protect their assets from assessment for means tested benefits.
  • Make applications for statutory wills and authority to make gifts, including provision of the relevant tax advice required by the court of protection.
  • Advise clients on care fee funding and assist in discussions with local authorities as well as dealing with appeals against decisions about funding.
  • Advising on the steps required when a trustee loses capacity to act including a trustee of jointly owned property and making applications when required to the court of protection for leave to replace a trustee.
  • Make Trustee Act applications to vest jointly owned property into the names of new trustees where the co-owner loses capacity without having made an enduring power of attorney (EPA) or lasting power of attorney (LPA).
  • Advising attorneys and deputies about what can be claimed in the way of expenses and what gifts they have authority to make.