Things to consider if an elderly client wishes to stay in their own home

7 October, 2009
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

A useful checklist:



How to obtain this service?

  • Contact the County Duty Service who will make an assessment to see whether the person is eligible.
  • The County Duty Service contact details for Kent are:

Telephone:  08458 247100




 (a) How to obtain this service? 

  • It will depend on whether the client is known to Social Services already or not. 
  • If not, a new referral will need to be made to the County Duty Service.  If the client is already known, you will need to contact the local care management team.
  • Tunbridge Wells is covered by the West Kent Area Office: Telephone:  01732 525000 (or Montague House on 01892 515045)


 (b) Charges for domiciliary care will be made

(i) An assessment of need is made.  Once the needs have been assessed Social Services will advise if the client is eligible for support from them.  If an amount is allocated, it will be called a “personal budget”.

(ii) Once a personal budget has been agreed Social Services will carry out a financial assessment.

(iii) Financial assessment

 Social Services will take into account:

  • Weekly income, including pension, benefits (AA/DLA core component)
  • The value of the client’s home is not used when calculating the charge for domiciliary charges
  • If the client has  savings of more than £23,000 then they will pay the full cost of their care
  • Savings are reviewed on a sliding scale:
    • Between £14,000 to £23,000, Social Services take into account an assumed income of £1 per week for every £500 or part of £500
    • Savings of less than £14,000 means the client will not contribute

(Do not forget the protected income level of £162.50)

 (iv) There is an approved list of providers of domiciliary service.



 These are not for profit organisations that assist older people to maintain or adapt their home.

 To access this service, contact the Borough or District Council.


Reviewed in 2015