Trainee days – Commercial Property (December 2015)

20 December, 2015
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

The Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day team caught up with trainee Anna Ridley:

My Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a day

8:30am: I arrive at work and make myself breakfast and a cup of coffee. I check through my emails to see if I have received anything new since I left the office last night. There are a couple of new emails which I flag to deal with later.

8:45am: We have been instructed to draft a renewal lease and I have been asked to write the first draft. As this is for one of our larger clients, the client has a precedent lease that we are instructed to use. I start work comparing the current lease to the precedent lease and I flag any major differences between the two documents. Using the precedent lease as a base, I then begin drafting and input all property specific information into the lease. I email this draft to the supervising partner to check. 

11:00am: I have been asked to prepare replies to CPSE enquiries in relation to a sale that we are instructed on. I have previously put together the sale pack for this property and so already have an understanding of the property and the documents that we have received from the client. This makes the job a lot easier! Nevertheless the CPSE enquiries are lengthy documents and so it takes me a while to answer all of the relevant enquiries. As I am checking to see what documents we have on file, I notice that just this morning the client sent through an EPC certificate and VAT election form and so I am able to input that information into the replies. We are still waiting to hear from the client in relation to the Capital Allowances for the property and so I leave that section blank for now until the client provides the necessary information.

1:00pm: I meet up with a few of the other trainees for lunch.

2:00pm: A while ago I was instructed to draft a licence for alterations however I couldn’t start drafting because the client had not been provided with details of the tenant’s solicitor. I needed these details in order to request a costs undertaking from the other side. However the client emailed me earlier today, sending me the tenant’s solicitor’s details and informing me that the works had in fact already been carried out to the property. The client asked me to check the head lease on the property as they thought that some of the works carried out required superior landlord consent. I set to work finding the head lease and checking the relevant provisions. I email the client, setting out my advice and advising as to the next possible steps.

3:00pm: I have been working on a lease renewal in which we are acting for the landlord and the tenant is unrepresented. I have now received the landlord’s and tenant’s signed copies of the lease and I therefore complete the lease. I confirm to the client that the lease has been completed and ask whether he would like us to keep the original in our files. He confirms that he would and I therefore send him a certified copy. I send the tenant their copy of the completed lease. 

4:00pm: All first year trainees at Cripps Pemberton Greenish must complete the 8 CQS (Conveyancing Quality Scheme) mandatory training courses online. I have been completing these when I get a chance and, as I haven’t got anything urgent that needs to be done today, I complete the Leasehold course. This involves reading through (fairly lengthy) PowerPoint slides and completing an online test.

5:45pm: I complete (and pass!) the test. I write a quick to-do list of tasks for tomorrow and then head off home.

My profile

Name: Anna Ridley

Current Seat: Investment (First Seat)

Previous Seats: N/A

Studied: Law with French at University of Sheffield, LPC at University of Law Bloomsbury

Outside of work, I can usually be found… Reading, at yoga, or meeting up with friends

Favourite Film: Les Intouchables