Trainee Days – Family (December 2015)

12 February, 2016

The Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day team caught up with trainee Hannah Baker this week


Hannah’s Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day

08.00am: Today, I am

heading up to London to attend a conference with Counsel. I hop on a train to London Bridge with my laptop and files. On route, I check my emails and plan my walk to the barrister’s chambers in Holborn.

09.45am: I arrive a little early and wait in reception for my supervisor and our client. The case is an interesting children matter which is due to be heard by the court towards the end of the year. I have been assisting my supervisor with this case since I joined the family team in September, including preparing court bundles, instructions and papers for Counsel as well as liaising with the client. I am interested to see how the case progresses.

10:00am: In the conference, the barrister (accompanied by his pupil) discusses various aspects of the case, advising on the possible outcomes and approaches, as well as arrangements for the hearing and next steps. I take a full note of the meeting and compile a list of action points in preparation for the next hearing.

12.25pm: The meeting finishes and my supervisor and I walk back through Covent Garden to our London office, near Charing Cross station. Usually after a meeting in London, I spend the rest of the day working at our London office. However, today is the Private Client Christmas party so I head back to our Tunbridge Wells office for the afternoon.

1.45pm: On the short walk back to the office from the station, I grab some lunch from Pret. At the office, I check my emails and to do list and record my time for this morning’s meeting.

2.00pm: I spend some time reviewing my attendance note from the meeting, correcting any typos and making sure that I have a complete list of action points. I email this to my supervisor for her to review and send on to the client.

3.30pm: It is my turn to put together the next edition of the Private Client bi-weekly newsletter which is due to be published tomorrow. In each seat, trainees in the Private Client Division take turns to collate the newsletter, which currently includes Franco, Rose, Matt and me. I put together a first draft and speak to an associate from the Advisory Group team who has emailed me with some interesting news to be included.

4.30pm: My supervisor has asked me to attend court next week on another children matter. I review the matter file for background information and make a list of important documents and orders. I prepare a draft index for the court bundle and email this to my supervisor along with a list of the outstanding information to be obtained before the hearing.

5.00pm: Each year, those trainees in Private Client seats from September – January, are given the responsibility of arranging the Christmas Party for the division. This year, Francesca, a newly qualified solicitor in the Advisory Group, has taken the lead assisted by Franco, Rose, Matt and me. I speak to Francesca to confirm last minute arrangements and we arrange to meet at the venue at 6pm.

5.30pm: As my supervisor is in London this afternoon and on annual leave tomorrow, we have a quick telephone catch-up to discuss my work load and tasks which I should prioritise tomorrow. I update my to-do list and finalise my time recording for the day.

6.00pm: I walk through Tunbridge Wells to meet Franco, Rose, Matt and Francesca at the Grey Lady to make the final arrangements for the party.

7.00pm: The festivities begin…


More about Hannah

Name: Hannah Baker

Current Seat: Family (Fifth Seat)

Location: Tunbridge Wells

Previous Seats: Residential Conveyancing, Corporate, Advisory Group, Investment

Studies: Law (LLB) at University of Sussex; LPC at University of Law, Guildford

Outside of work, I can usually be found… Enjoying time with my friends and family, immersed in a health and wellness blog or walking in the Ashdown Forest!

Favourite Film: Am I allowed two? ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and ‘Saving Mr Banks’!